RuneScape - Junior QA Tester

This was part of a 3 month internship program working on the companies most successful flagship game: RuneScape.

During my time at Jagex I dealt with their customers reported bugs, analysed these bugs using the in house tools provided to manually test and find whether they were a genuine bug or not. Atlassian Jira was mainly used for the logging of bugs I would mark the severity of the issues with priority. This was also the case with new and upcoming content which I had to test thoroughly using a series of destructive, graphical, exploratory. abusive and config testing, all of which was manual testing which I was trained on during my time there. The company mainly used a mix of Scrum and Agile methodologies.

Scrum talks occurred daily to explain past,present and future goals as well as progress. Here we would also notify the team if there was any jobs blocking our progress and what action we needed to take during the sprint cycle.

We also organised several play-through's every week across all 4 QA teams to smoke test upcoming content to catch any last minute bugs before the new updates were ready for upload to the live game.

Aside from quality assurance, we had multiple game idea meetings which proudly they took some of my ideas on board and are currently in development which are due to be released in the live game soon.

In my own spare time at the company I began to learn their in-house scripting so that I could understand how and why bugs were occurring and if I could fix them myself. I also then began to develop my own quest for the player.

RealVNC -Software Test Engineer

For my current job, I am a Software Test Engineer working on a variety of products which support virtual network computing, in particular my team specialises in the automotive industry. We produce software development kits for automobile companies to put inside their vehicle head units. With our software, our customers can operate their mobile/tablet devices remotely without having to interact with them. We also work closely with many telecommunication service providers to supply a remote control helpdesk solution.

My standard day would include manually testing the SDK's so we can produce a MirrowLink certified piece of software against a variety of operating systems and many, many phones. In particular, we heavily test on Linux, Windows and Mac to give our customers the freedom to choose the product they want. As well as desktop SDK's we also provide images for embedded operating systems which also has given me the experience of booting and loading working OS images onto small FreeScale programmable boards. From this I have now gained knowledge of working in both the command line and terminal windows which I am enjoying thoroughly.

For logging, reporting and bug tracking we use Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Track and Bugzilla. All of these program I now have great experience and have become very comfortable operating them. This job has definitely expanded my mind within the technicalities of the modern PC and i'm expanding my knowledge daily! I haven't been here long but I will update this page as I progress. If you'd like anymore information, click the image above.