I Wish I Could Fly

My teams 2014 Global Games Jam entry for the theme "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Here you can experience the thoughts of a girls life by manipulating time in this small interactive storytelling game with hidden object elements. Throughout this game development I was one of the Artists and Animators. Below are some reviews of the game that have been posted online on several Indie game websites:

Seasons change, but our dreams remain. Whether it's curled up inside or feeling the liberating sensation of wind whipping past our bodies, we've all dreamed of something more. Appreciating what we have while still striving for more - that's what I Wish I Could Fly is all about. - Indie Statik

This Global Game Jam 2014 entry is soft and meditative. Watching the tree and the rest of the landscape go from season to season is serene. - Games Radar