During 2014 for 3 months I was a junior QA tester for Jagex on their Flaship game: RuneScape. It was a rewarding and great experience which prepared me for the games and software industry straight after my degree. To find out more about my work there, check out the'Testing' tab or click the image above.

I Wish I Could Fly

My teams 2014 Global Games Jam entry for the theme "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Here you can experience the thoughts of a girls life by manipulating time in this small interactive storytelling game with hidden object elements.


A Flash puzzle game about a bear misplaced by his owner and seeks refuge within a factory, where he soon finds out the factory is where they make other bears! He has to use his little brain to solves a series of incresingly difficult puzzles to hopefully escape and be reunited with his owner once again.

Clear The Beard

Little Flash game about removing everyday items from Keanu Reeves' beard using a litter picker, remove the items before the manly beard sucks the objects back in...